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Thank you for joining us in this great beginning to a successful and exciting journey!

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1. The Team

Welcome to StripDoge and thank you for joining us in this amazing, ambitious, and very profitable journey. We are a team composed of a core of three people separated into three branches: development, coding, and marketing. Each manages a sub team of three people who range from advisory roles to maintenance protocols. Furthermore, an attached legal team is ready should any issue arise. Our core team has been involved in the adult entertainment field for over a decade. Due to the competitive nature and aggressive climate of our industry, we will maintain privacy of the inner workings of the project until Quarter 4 2021 and Quarters 1 and 2 2022 respectively. Please review our ROADMAP for specific information. You, our investor, and the integrity of StripDoge token come first at all times and we will not risk failure by being hasty or bending to outward pressure, especially at or immediately after launch.

2. Trouble in BSC Space

If you have been in the Binance Smart Chain space for a while, you might have noticed that environmental conditions have changed for the worse lately. Aside from unscrupulous individuals committing outright theft and muddying the waters for true, honest projects; we find legitimate tokens often are unprepared and unpredictable due to a failure in the creative and/or marketing departments. Ineptitude and irresponsibility plus lack of vision are unacceptable and will not be tolerated. We will provide an audit, a professional website, and will not launch without our social media and solid marketing plan set in motion. As a matter of fact, by the time you have finished reading this sentence, you may notice that our social media and website have already been solidly set in place.

3. Plan Overview

The lack of real life usage of most tokens within the BSC have relegated these to “meme” or joke status severely curtailing their longevity and profitability. StripDoge’s primary reason for existing is its real use case. We will unite strip clubs across the Americas beginning in Peru, moving to Mexico City, and then consolidating in the USA. We have already set partnerships with two established clubs within these locations with ours being the third in the first and largest trifecta such crypto-based adult entertainment project has ever seen. Once the “Big Three” are firmly bound and accepting StripDoge as currency, we will offer partnerships within the remaining countries of South, Central, and North America to create and unstoppable block.

4. Staff

Our girls will provide online services such as videos and pictures for your enjoyment. All subject to StripDoge contribution. Please approach telegram chat moderators for more information. In our physical locations, lap dances, entrance and cover fees (where applicable), tipping in any way, and all services available in adherence with local law will also be provided using StripDoge. Alcoholic and soft beverages will still be acquired using local currency until StripDoge is completely stabilized. Please stay tuned for further announcements on this matter.

5. App

Ever been at a strip club only to run out of cash while in dire need of more lap dances? In desperation, you withdraw funds from the nearby ATM, enjoy your time, only to realize, in horror, that the wife at home is now fully aware of the transaction. This nightmare scenario will be over thanks to StripDoge’s in-house App. Customers will be able to tip staff anonymously using StripDoge tokens. No more nasty surprises back home.

6. Tokenomics

In essence, StripDoge is a Decentralized Financial, deflationary token which takes 12% tax from each buy and sell. 4% is put in the liquidity pool, therefore stabilizing the price floor, 4% is reflected to all holders, 4% is deposited into a marketing wallet to ensure long term success. This overall tax also incentivizes holding versus quick profiteering which affects the integrity and fairness of the token. Scheduled burns will be announced periodically as well.

7. Dead and Buried

Our largest wallet is, of course, the “Dead Wallet” where 43.4% of the initial supply was burned. This wallet is not excluded from reflections, thus decreasing the circulating supply over time. The tokens in the dead wallet are inaccessible and effectively burned.

Once again, we thank you for joining us in this great beginning to a successful and exciting journey.