The New Payment Standard for Strip Clubs

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What makes us special

Real Utility

StripDoge is built around a strong use case that will completely disrupt the entire brick and mortar adult nightlife industry.

Rewards for Holding

4% of every transaction is distributed to all the StripDoge holders. In short, the longer you hold the more tokens you earn!

You're Safe

Feel safe about your investment. Liquidity locked. StripDoge is led and backed by an experienced team in the nightlife industry.


StripDoge is here to make all holders rich and strip club patrons safer all over the world! All holders of StripDoge will earn tokens on each transaction. These rewards are automatically sent to your wallet. On top of this, StripDoge is deflationary meaning the token becomes more scarce over time.

We have a 12% tax on every transaction intended to benefit everyone:

4% distributed back to all StripDoge holders

4% added to the liquidity pool

4% for our huge marketing ambitions

Road map

Phase One

  • Website launched βœ…
  • Social Media Live (FB/IG/Twitter/Reddit) βœ…
  • Telegram chat enabled βœ…
  • Telegram stickers + graphics βœ…
  • Create promo materials βœ…
  • Create apparel shops + designs βœ…
  • Reddit Cryptomoonshots βšͺ
  • Poocoin + 4Chan Banner ads βšͺ
  • App Prototype revealed βšͺ
  • Request Audit βšͺ
  • Hire mass marketing agency βšͺ
  • Hire pro influencers βšͺ
  • Listing on major coin directories βšͺ
  • Coinmarketcap βšͺ

Phase Two

  • βšͺ App Development Begins
  • βšͺ Banner ads on leading adult websites (i.e. Pornhub, Chaturbate, Xhamster)
  • βšͺ Massive influencer marketing and partnership campaigns
  • βšͺ Start entering silent partnerships with strip clubs across the Americas
  • βšͺ App alpha testing and WIP reveal

Phase Three

  • βšͺ Big reveal of our StripDoge physical location
  • βšͺ Physical on-site advertising
  • βšͺ Billboards, radio, street flyers
  • βšͺ Hire professional on location street advertisers
  • βšͺ App beta testing

Phase Four

  • βšͺ Big reveal of our first three partner physical strip club locations
  • βšͺ App release
  • βšͺ StripDoge Team Doxx

Huge Ambitions

Our vision with StripDoge is to make the brand a globally-recognized name in the adult entertainment and nightlife space. StripDoge will soon be accepted as a form of payment in gentlemen clubs all over the world, making our investors very, very rich.

StripDoge is bringing security, anonimity, and the wonders of strip club entertainment to the palm of every horny strip club enthusiast in the world!